Stryker® I-SUITE

Features & Benefitis

  • integration – Greater compatibility across operating room technologies.
  • innovation – Bringing new patient critical solutions to strategic areas of the hospital.
  • information – Connectivity to all areas of the hospital and the world.

Stryker® SDC3
HD Information

Stryker introduces the SDC3, an innovative data management solution for the OR.

With built in device control, both surgeons and staff can control devices through a variety of options, including the SDC3 touch screen, SPI3 touch screen, wireless remote control, wireless headset, or 1488 camera head.

At the start of each procedure, a customized surgical timeout, designed to improve patient safety and ensure staff engagement, can also be displayed on the monitors, allowing for an electronic copy of the surgical timeout to be stored in the patient’s file.

Additionally, with HD dual channel recording options, the SDC3 can be used to record native HD video from multiple cameras, becoming an effective training tool.

All of these features can be personalized using customized user profiles at the touch of one button.

Experience the following benefits with the SDC3 :

  • Capture and record HD images and video in a variety of options to meet the most demanding OR setups.
  • Annotating images on the fly and adding searchable content to the image are designed to improve the surgeon’s workflow.
  • Provide each surgeon with an enhanced, personalized experience during every case while also simplifying setup for the nursing staff through the use of user specific profiles.

Stryker® 1588 AIM

Hospitals are looking for standardised operating rooms that address clinical needs across multiple specialties.

Features & Benefits

  • Patient Safety in Mind : The 1588 AIM platform was designed for visualisation of critical anatomy in MIS cases, with unique advanced imaging modalities that allow for visualisation in near infrared, and infrared wavelengths.
  • Designed to help standardize : Designed for optimal visualisation across multiple surgical specialties. The 1588 AIM Camera System in designed to give you customised control over surgical devices in the operating room.
  • Optimal Workflow : SDC3 technology allows each surgeon to create a customised operating room environment, while providing a consistent and efficient experience

General Surgery

The 1588 AIM platform consists of three imaging modalities in IRIS, ENV and Clarity with 9 dedicated surgical camera specialty settings. The 1588 AIM platform delivers a high definition, standardised solution, designed to improve patient results.

1588 AIM platform arthroscopy

Office staff spend valuable time scanning surgical photos into patient charts. The process of managing surgical images can be redundant and expensive for facilities.

Visualisation deep in the posterior compartment is often dark with instrumentation in the foreground, which can make debridement and repair of hip and knee anatomy difficult.

DRE :Designed to improve visualisation in the surgical field by creating a brighter image in dark and posterior compartments by up to 150%8. Activation of DRE is done with a touch of a button on the 1588 AIM camera head

Clarity : Real-time video enhancement device designed to improve visualisation by increasing clarity, contrast and detail. Military-grade technology helps surgeons see through suboptimal conditions with improved image quality of up to 48%7.

Stryker® CrossFire 2

The two-in-one resection platform enables the ability to operate shaver and RF probe functionality all in one console.

Features & Benefits

  • Saves space in the OR with a two-in-one console and footswitch.
  • ReconiSense technology allows the CrossFire 2 to integrate with our CrossFlow Arthroscopy Pump, optimizing suction and flow rates per disposable.
  • The integrated foot pedal controls SERFAS Energy Probes, Formula Shaver Handpieces, and CrossFlow Arthroscopy Pump features.

Stryker® CrossFlow

Stryker’s CrossFlow Integrated Arthroscopy Pump is an excellent solution for users seeking simplicity and versatility, without compromising performance.

Cutting Edge Solutions
  • CrossBlade Series Cutters
  • CrossBlade XL Diamond Bur
  • Formula Shavers and Burs
  • 90-S Cruise
  • Customized OR experience
  • ReconiSense Technology: While other pumps provide minimal coordination with resection devices,2 CrossFlow provides true integration with Stryker shavers and RF probes by optimizing the suction rates for each supported disposable.
  • On-Demand Assistance (ODA): A built-in intelligence system provides users with “how to” instructions for each console feature and function.
  • Dynamic Mode: Allows the user to run a consistent pressure setting, while utilizing ReconiSense Technology to provide a “pressure boost” when a resection device is activated to provide optimal distention during resection.
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