Power Tools

STRYKER® System 8
Power Tools

Electric height, backrest and 2-way tilt ensure smooth transition when positioning patients for specialist procedures and treatments.

Auto-electric CPR functionality and auto-levelling software return the couch quickly to a fully horizontal resuscitation position in the event of an emergency.

Stryker’s System 8 power tools deliver more of the long-lasting reliability you trust. Built for your operating theatre. Built for your sterile processing department. And built to benefit your bottom line. In other words, built for the whole hospital. So put each power tool through its paces. We did, so that we know when the System 8 set passes from our hands to yours, you can have Total Confidence.


Our Models are Cordless driver, SABO Saw, Stryker Precision Saw, Sagittal saw, Reciprocating saw, Sternum saw, Rotary drill.

Dedicated solutions, all in the System 8 family

System 8 Cordless Driver – An evolution of Stryker’s cordless driver, the System 8 cordless driver gives you the confidence you need to drill, cut and ream in sports med and ortho trauma procedures. Plus, our exclusive PoweReam Technology gives you a significant increase in torque (compared to standard reaming attachments), for tackling challenging reaming procedures.

System 8 SABO Sagittal Saw – The next iteration of Stryker’s SABO Saw, the lightweight System 8 SABO Sagittal Saw is designed to deliver optimised cutting speed, control and accuracy in every case.

Stryker Precision Saw – The oscillating tip saw that reduces noise and vibration, enhancing handpiece control for a more precise surgical experience compared to a standard Sagittal Saw.

  • A pin collet built to last
  • Boosts uptime in the operating theatre
  • An oscillating tip saw that will evolve the way you cut
  • More water resistant than ever
  • Long-lasting batteries with increased heat resistance

Protect your investments with our cleaning and detergent solutions. Blu62 Instrument Detergent – a cleaner that protects instruments from the corrosive effects of water and water impurities, as well as corrosion from mixed metal. Blu62 Pretreatment Foam – a spray formulated to start the cleaning process immediately post surgery to prevent the drying of residue on soiled instruments. Auto62 Cleaning Chemistries – an enzymatic cleaner, neutral detergent and instrument lubricant – exclusively designed for use in the automatic wash cycle to remove tough soils with consistent and effective results.

STRYKER® RemB U Driver

Modular, pistol grip handpiece utilize various drilling, reaming, pinning & cutting attachments. This electric console driven handpiece uses a wide variety of attachments to perform various small bone orthopedic procedures.

The new Titanium lineup includes three dedicated, high performance saws specifically designed for exceptional ergonomics, power and agility.

Oscillating Saw

  • Toolless blade mount

Reciprocating Saw

  • Easy, intuitive insertion/removal of blades without tools

Sagittal Saw

  • Rotating, indexing head for maximum blade positions
  • Special mount facilitates larger blade

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