Wound Care

Oxygen-Seawater-Natural Phenomenon

The simple and natural solution for the skin, mucous membranes and wounds.

ActiMaris® – very well tolerated medical product which supports and enhances the healing of wounds with many different causes.

Also suitable for sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin and mucous membranes.

On a natural and physiological basis. = Ionized seawater + Singlet oxygen

ActiMaris® – for modern wound treatment:

  • Natural product
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces the risk of reinfection

Product Profile:

The ActiMaris® products clean wounds and reduce swelling. This is not just due to the individual components, but also to the interactions between them.Ionized seawater, active oxygen, and the high pH all help to reduce wound swelling, inflammation and microbial contamination.

Singlet oxygen:

The human body possesses more microorganisms, both good and bad, than it does cells. To keep these microorganisms in equilibrium, the body’s defense system forms neutrophils which are a type of leukocyte.These neutrophils produce active oxygen radicals, which can oxidise undesirable microorganisms and thus effectively decontaminate the body.

Pensar Medical
(Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)

Innovation at its best

At Pensar Medical, we realize that no one type of negative pressure therapy works for all wounds, so our system provides you with a choice of all three. Because who knows your patient better than you ?

The WoundPro® System was one of the first to oDCSer all three vital therapies all with full adjustability for time and pressure settings :

Continuous holding to one single pressure

Intermittent transitioning from a single pressure to zero pressure and repeating

Variable Intermittent transitioning from a higher pressure to a lower pressure and repeating

Full Adjustability

The WoundPro allows you to choose between therapies, therapy times and pressure levels all at the touch of a button. The control panel also includes:

  • Auto System Lock Out—to eliminate changes by unauthorized users
  • Alarm Silence (two modes)
  • Canister Illumination

Automatic and Continuous System Checks

The WoundPro protects your patient by continuously checking for proper and safe operation. It oers both an audible and visual alarm when and if there is an interruption of normal operation which may include:

  • Canister Full
  • Standby Mode
  • Suction line blocked
  • Low Battery Power
  • Vacuum leak
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