Cardiac Surgery

Terumo CV.

Terumo Cardiovascular Group is a manufacturer of medical devices for cardiovascular surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass and intra-operative monitoring. This includes a full-line of perfusion products, endoscopic vessel harvesting products and surgical stabilization products.

Perfusion Products:

  • Heart-lung Machines
  • Cooling and Heating Devices
  • Oxygenation Systems
  • Perfusion Custom Tubing Kits
  • Connectors, Reducers, Tubing, Vent Valves and Prime Lines
  • Blood Parameter Monitoring Systems

Surgical Products:

  • Endoscopic Vein Harvesting System (EVH)
  • Beating Heart & Surgical Stabilization
  • Cannulas

Andocor-Cardiovascular cannulae

The cardiovascular cannulae from ANDOCOR are used in connection with open-heart surgery, cardiopulmonary bypass, where they are used to facilitate the removal and return of the patient’s blood from and to the extracorporeal bypass circuit. Next to that there is a whole set of accessories available which are always used in combination with heart cannulation.

  • Arterial cannulae
  • Aortic catheter
  • Flex line venous cannulae
  • Ostial perfusion cannulae
  • Vent catheter
  • Suckers
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