The Proven Solution For The Short Grafts
Tape Locking Screw

  • Single HS (semitendinosus) tendon harvested
  • Graft quadrupled = strongest construct
  • No wasted tendon in bone tunnels
  • Graft suspended by non-elastic tapes
  • Tapes secured in bone by screws
  • Graft pretensioned to reduce post implantation tension loss

Benefits Of The Tls® System

  • Outside-in femoral targeting (tibial tunnel independent) for improved coronal plane positioning
  • Short bone sockets, atraumatically retroreamed
  • Graft passed through medial portal and press-fit into sockets with 360ā€ contact with bone
  • Aperature fixation by press-fit
  • No screw, or fixation device directly contacts tendon or is placed in tunnel with graft

An Innovative Technique For

  • ACL single and double bundle reconstruction
  • Partial ACL repairs (AM or PM bundle)
  • PCL single and ā€œVā€ reconstruction
  • Paediatric reconstruction
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